Upcoming Events

  • Film Group on June 26 at 2pm

The movie “The Quilombo” by Carlos Diegues provides a more “insider” view of an exotic space (here, the 17th century Brazilian jungle) through a fantastical story (nevertheless based on fact) of runaway slave communities (called quilombos), specifically the most famous of these: Palmares, ruled for decades by the legendary chief Ganga Zuma. Instead of a neo-realist, aesthetics of hunger approach, the film offers a postmodern, pleasurable spectacle that favors a syncretic cultural rather than a political revolution and delighting in low cultural forms, such as carnival and popular music as it presents a comic approach to relations between colonizers and colonized, indulging in the Brazilian1980s optimistic shift from dictatorship to the hope for a new, utopian Brazil.

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When: Tuesday, June 26 at 2pm