Upcoming Events

  • Photo Group on May 17 at 3pm

    The Photography Group is looking forward to another interesting year sharing photographs, picture-taking techniques, and post-production tips.
    The group welcomes new members. To get on the mailing list for meeting announcements, please contact Derek Applegarth: derekjenny@shaw.ca.

    When: Friday, May 17 at 3pm
    Where: Henry Angus, room 135


  • Special lecture on China on May 30 at 2pm

    Diana Lary, Professor Emerita of History, specializes in Modern Chinese history and her current research interests include Chinese Migration (especially internal), Canada and Hong Kong connections, Chinese military, the impact of warfare on Chinese society; regionalism in China, focusing on Shandong and Guangxi provinces; the Zhuang people of southern China and color symbolism in Chinese culture.

    She will speak about the current affairs in China.

    When: Thursday, May 30 at 2pm
    Where: TBA