Upcoming Events

  • Celebrating UBC Emeriti Research Luncheon, November 21 at noon

More information available on our webpage.

When: Tuesday, November 21 at noon
Where: Peter Wall Institute, 6331 Crescent Road


  • Film Group, November 28 at 2pm
Series Four – Film Noir: Beyond Genre - part 3 of 3
Given its status as a popular medium, film frequently relies on genre conventions in its storytelling, as the easily identifiable codes supporting plot and character facilitate the engagement of the audience.  Yet genre can also enable a strong social critique as its conventions, either played straight or parodied, invite the viewer to interrogate accepted values.  Such is the case with film noir, a genre whose appearance after World War II found it reflecting the disquiet engendered by the conflict, even in victorious America.
On November 28, you can view the last film in the this term's series, Bastards (2013), by auteur director Claire Denis. The movie recasts the noir plot staple of the revenge story (obliquely echoing Shakespeare’s Hamlet) as a sea captain returns home when his sister and her husband are bankrupted by a ruthless business tycoon. Yet, Denis forsakes clear moral imperatives, as this revenger’s motivations and actions are obscure, with all the characters driven by base impulses they can’t fully understand, revealing a modern everyday world where individuals, unsure of how to behave, cling to ingrained, misogynistic gender roles. Denis subordinates the narrative to moments rendered in striking imagery, employing a visual logic also used by filmmakers such as such as David Lynch and Terence Malick and rooted in the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky.

When: Tuesday, November 28 at 2pm
Where: Orchard Commons, room 3018, 6363 Agronomy Road



  • Recognizing Order of Canada Recipients on November 29

Some 400 residents of British Columbia have been inducted into the order of Canada since its founding 50 years ago. UBC President Santa J. Ono will host a day-long celebration of their achievements on November 29. The day's activities are designed to recognize outstanding achievements, dedication to the community, and service to the nation. There will be multiple opportunities to meet and engage with peers from across the province, to speak with students and youth.

As the culmination of the event, UBC will be hosting a public event featuring a panel discussion involving prominent Order of Canada recipients. Join special musical guests and speakers as they contemplate from there own unique viewpoints what we should all be considering.
After the talks there will be a reception in the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.
Note: The public event requires pre-registration. For news and ticketing information go to:

When: Wednesday, November 29
Where: UBC Point Grey Campus