Upcoming Events

  • Photo Group, October 18 at 3pm

All emeriti and partners are welcome. To get on the mailing list for meeting announcements, please contact Derek Applegarth: derekjenny@shaw.ca

When: Wednesday, October 18 at 3pm
Where: TBD

  • Travel Group, October 19 at 3pm

All emeriti and partners are welcome. If you have a topic or travel experience you would like to discuss or present, please contact Richard Spencer, richard@rhspencer.ca. Also, please contact Richard to be added to the email list for this group.

When: Thursday, October 19 at 3pm
Where: Bill and Risa Levine Classroom 222, Alumni Centre


  • Philosophers' Café on October 20 at 10:30am 
How close are we to nuclear war?
Mini-nukes, big nukes: should we start building bomb shelters again? With rogue states and terrorists, as well as aging missile sites in the USA and unaccounted-for nuclear material in the former USSR, will we have to face a nuclear war?
Suggested pre-reading: "What would war with North Korea look like?" Check out: http://www.macleans.ca/politics/worldpolitics/what-would-nuclear-war-with-north-

When: Friday, October 20 from 10:30-11:30am
Where: Tapestry at Wesbrook Village, 3338 Wesbrook Mall

The Philosopher’s Cafés will be held in the Club Room in Tapestry at Wesbrook Village from 10:30 to 11:30am. Coffee and tea will be offered by Tapestry.
You may reserve to have lunch at Tapestry after the Café by calling (604) 225-5000 or by checking in with the front desk before the Café.)

PARKING: Visitor parking is available under Tapestry - you enter off Birney Ave (turn at the 4 way stop on Wesbrook Mall). You drive down the ramp and call reception (3338) from a phone beside your car when you stop at the gate to the parking. The instructions are on the screen above the keypad. If you say you are coming to a Philosophers’ Café, they will raise the gate and let you in. There is quite a lot of visitor parking, but it does fill up too, on occasion.

As a backup you could use the pay parking lot across the street from Save-On-Foods, on Berton Ave, which is a 2 minute walk from Tapestry (although that can also be full at times).


  • Departmental Representatives Meeting, Tuesday October 24 at 2pm

All departmental representatives are invited to join this meeting. A personal invitation with an agenda was sent as well.

If your department does not have a departmental representative, please consider becoming the rep of your department. A list of departmental representatives can be found on the website.

When: Tuesday, October 11 from 2 to 4:30pm
Where: Robert H. Lee Family Boardroom, Alumni Centre


  • Film Group, October 31 at 2pm
Series Four – Film Noir: Beyond Genre - part 2 of 3
Given its status as a popular medium, film frequently relies on genre conven- tions in its storytelling, as the easily identifiable codes supporting plot and character facilitate the engagement of the audience.  Yet genre can also en- able a strong social critique as its conventions, either played straight or paro- died, invite the viewer to interrogate accepted values.  Such is the case with film noir, a genre whose appearance after World War II found it reflecting the disquiet engendered by the conflict, even in victorious America.
Oct. 31 – The Long Goodbye (1973) by Robert Altman can be classified as a revisionist, neo-noir, taking great liberties with the classic Raymond Chandler de- tective novel it is based on, not only in recasting Chandler’s hard-boiled detective as a bumbling laconic played by Elliot Gould but also radically altering the ending, revealing a post-hippy, pre-me generation world far beyond noir’s post-war angst.
The film boasts a radical visual style, featuring subtle shadows and pastel colors en- abled by Vilmos Zsigmond’s “flashing” technique, frequent camera movement that implicates the viewer as a voyeur and a score consisting of variations of a single song. The film has often been touted as one of the best of the 1970s.

When: Tuesday, October 31 at 2pm
Where: Orchard Commons, room 3058, 6363 Agronomy Road