Constitution as of November 25, 2015

UBC Association of Professors Emeriti


1.    Objectives:  To foster the relationship of emeritus Professors, Librarians, and Academic Administrators with UBC and to promote the interests and welfare of its members by:

1.1.    Encouraging and sponsoring intellectual and social interactions among members of the Association by providing programming (e.g., general meetings, lectures, workshops, tours, special-interest groups) concerning matters of common interest;

1.2.    Supporting the ongoing scholarly work of those members who are continuing to participate in scholarship.

1.3    Ensuring that Emeriti receive recognition, benefits, and consideration appropriate to their long associations with the University;

1.4.    Maintaining a close association between Emeriti and the University;

1.5.    Working with the University to utilize the intellectual and academic resources of Emeriti;

1.6.    Raising awareness of the past, present, and potential future contributions of Emeriti to UBC and our local and global communities; and

1.7.    Exploring and implementing additional ways to serve and engage members.

2.    Membership

2.1. Retired Faculty, full-time or Clinical, with ranks from Instructor to Professor who have, or are eligible, for Emeritus designation by UBC Senate.

2.2. Retired Librarians and Program Directors who have Emeritus designation by UBC Senate.

2.3. Retired Faculty, full-time or Clinical, and in ranks from Instructor to Professor, Librarians or Program Directors who are without Senate Emeritus status, but who have had a combined age at retirement/resignation plus years of full time service to the University of 70 or more.

2.4. Retired Faculty who held appointments as Sessional Lecturer or equivalent and meet the conditions in paragraph 3 above.

2.5. Retired Faculty, Librarians from Universities/Degree Granting Colleges other than UBC may apply in writing to UBCAPE provided they meet conditions in paragraph 3 above.

2.6. University of British Columbia Faculty who have transitional agreements from full-time to retirement status and who meet criteria outlined in 1-5 are eligible for membership on application to UBCAPE.

Retired Faculty whose academic service to the university reflects the philosophy and milestones outlined above but who are not explicitly defined therein and who wish to join UBCAPE may apply directly to the Membership Committee. Approvals of such applications are at the discretion of the Executive of the Association.


3.    Organization:  There shall be an Executive of the Association composed of

3.1. Elected Officers:
-Immediate Past President

3.2.    At least three but no more than eight elected Members-at-Large

3.3.   Additional nonvoting Ex-Officio Members, as deemed desirable and appointed by the Executive


4.    Nominations, Elections, and Terms of Office of the Executive

4.1.    A Nominating Committee consisting of the immediate Past President (Chair) and at least two other members approved by the Executive shall propose a slate of Officers and Members-at-Large to be voted on at the Annual General Meeting.

4.2.      Additional nominations from other members of the Association shall be accepted provided that the nominees agree to being nominated and the nominations are
submitted in writing or electronically, endorsed by five members entitled to vote, and received by the Secretary at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

4.3.      If there are no nominations in addition to the slate proposed by the Nominating Committee, Officers and Members-at-Large can be voted in by acclamation. For any
position for which there are more candidates than vacancies, election will be by secret ballot. For each position, the candidate with the greatest number of votes will be elected.

4.4.      The term of office for all members of the Executive will be one year. Members of the Executive may be re-elected, with the following provisos:
4.4.1.   The President may not hold that office for more than two consecutive years.

4.4.2.   The Vice-President shall be considered the President Elect and will normally be nominated for election as President the following year.

4.4.3.    The Secretary, Treasurer, and Members-at-Large may not serve in that position for more than four consecutive years.

4.4.4.    In the event of vacancies occurring on the Executive, the Executive shall have the power to fill the vacancies for the unexpired term.


5.  Finances

5.1.    The Association’s fiscal year-end shall be March 31.

5.2.    The signing officers of the Association shall be the President and the Treasurer.

5.3.    The Treasurer shall present an Annual Treasurer’s Report to the Annual General Meeting of the Association.


6.  Amendment of the Constitution

6.1.    The Constitution may be amended at a General Meeting of the Association. Members must be provided in writing with the proposed amendment at least 14 days prior to the General Meeting.

6.2     A motion to amend the Constitution must be considered by the Executive and passed by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at such a General Meeting of the Association.


7.  Dissolution of the Association

7.1    The Association may be dissolved if a proposed Constitutional Amendment to this effect is passed by the Executive and approved at an Annual General Meeting.

7.2    In the event that the Association is dissolved through a constitutional amendment proposed by the Executive and approved at an Annual General Meeting, all of its assets and accumulated income will be transferred to one or more University of British Columbia units or organizations (named in that amendment) that would provide direct or indirect recognition of the contributions of its emeritus faculty.