Benefits Report (updated, January 2019)

Information on Your Extended Health Care/Travel Medical Insurance Options

Since September 2014, UBC Emeriti have been able to purchase a new extended health care and travel medical insurance plan offered by Johnson, Inc. The purpose of this page is to assist you in understanding and evaluating this new insurance option.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:
1.If you are satisfied with your existing insurance coverage for Extended Health Care (e.g., the UBC/Sun Life insurance) and Travel Medical Insurance (e.g., MEDOC or other travel insurance), then there is no need to change your present arrangement.

2.If you do not presently have Extended Health Care insurance, you will have to provide evidence of medical insurability to enrol in the new Johnson plan.

3.If you have had continuous coverage since retirement in a group Extended Health Care plan (such as the UBC/Sun Life plan), you will be able to enrol in the new Johnson plan without providing evidence of medical insurability.

4.The new Johnson insurance is likely to be of greatest interest to individuals who
a. don’t presently have Extended Health Care insurance;
b. are concerned about exceeding the lifetime maximum of their present Extended Health Care insurance;
c. are concerned about the high cost of their present travel insurance due to age or health status.

5.Some individuals may wish to have both the UBC/Sun Life insurance and the new Johnson insurance, using the Johnson insurance to replace their existing travel insurance and to cover gaps in the UBC/Sun Life insurance (e.g., the $1,000 deductible, and the absence of coverage for hearing aids and glasses).

6. MEDOC Travel Insurance will remain available for those who want this insurance. If you decide to meet your travel insurance needs through the new Johnson insurance, and are cancelling your MEDOC insurance, you will need to contact Johnson to cancel the MEDOC insurance. Johnson cannot terminate the Medoc coverage without your written consent.

7. In considering your insurance options, it is important to be aware that if you cancel your UBC/Sun Life Extended Health insurance, this decision is not reversible, and you will NOT be able to re-enrol in the UBC plan in the future.  

If you have questions or would like to get more information regarding the Johnson insurance and how it compares to the existing insurance offered, you can:
a. download the Report that the UBCAPE Benefits Committee has prepared and distributed by clicking on the link. 

b. check the Johnson website with specific information for the UBC Johnson plan at:

c. call the Johnson Plan Benefit Service team at 604.881.8840 or 1.866.799.0000, or reach Johnson via email at

Please Note:  The Association of Professors Emeriti cannot make insurance recommendations for individuals.  This is an individual decision based upon your specific situation regarding health, finances, frequency of travel, risk tolerance, etc.

Please click on the link for the latest version of the revised and expanded Report of the UBCAPE Benefits Committee, "Choosing Extended Health and Travel Insurance to meet your specific needs" issued in January 2019.