Mission and Vision

UBC Association of UBC Professors Emeriti

Vision:  UBC Emeriti flourish intellectually and socially, enjoy access to University benefits, resources, and services, and are supported in and valued for their scholarly and other contributions.

Mission:  The Association aims to foster the relationship of emeritus Professors, Librarians, and Academic Administrators with each other and with UBC, and to promote the interests and welfare of its members.


  1. Encourage and sponsor intellectual and social interactions among members of the Association by providing programming (e.g., general meetings, lectures, workshops, tours, special-interest groups) concerning matters of common interest;
  2. Support the ongoing scholarly work of those members who are continuing to participate in scholarship;
  3. Ensure that Emeriti receive recognition, benefits, and consideration appropriate to their long associations with and contributions to the University;
  4. Maintain a close association between Emeriti and the University;
  5. Work with the University to utilize the intellectual and academic resources of Emeriti;
  6. Raise awareness of the past, present, and potential future contributions of Emeriti to UBC and our local and global communities; and
  7. Explore and implement additional ways to serve and engage Emeriti.

Updated: November 15, 2013