Background of UBC Assocation of Professors Emeriti

The University of British Columbia Association of Professors Emeritus held its first meeting September 26, 1988.  Joseph Katz, of the Faculty of Education drew like-minded colleagues together to start the Association, and properly deserved the title of Founder. Tragically, a few weeks after that first meeting, Joe Katz suddenly died, and others came together to make the Association a reality.

In the beginning there were about 400 Emeriti at UBC, more than enough to give purpose to such an enterprise. The President, Lewis Robinson checked with CAUT to see if there were similar groups elsewhere in Canada, and finding none, suggested that UBC started a process that since has become quite common at Canadian universities.

A program quickly emerged, with 4 – 6 meetings in the winter and spring terms,involving talks or lectures, accompanied by a social time and refreshments. This feature continues to be an important part of the Association activities. An early triumph of the Association’s efforts was the implementation of Extended Health Care, and Dental Insurance for Emeriti and retired Professional Staff.

In initially fashioning formal links with UBC, the Association became a Division of the Alumni Association, which aided in its start-up, but now UBCAPE also has formal and strong connections with the University Provost, evidence of the broader recognition by the University of its Emeritus Faculty, Librarians and Program Directors.

Since then, other UBCAPE programs and activities have come into being as have co-operative and active relationship with the UBC’s Faculties, Schools, Departments, and Senate to facilitate the continuing professional creativity by retired faculty and professionals, and the wellbeing of those in retirement. UBCAPE is reminding the daily working campuses that a vibrant heritage of Emeritus people, essentially founders in their own right, are both here and  bringing credit and expertise to the University of British Columbia.


Past Presidents of the UBC Association of Professors Emeriti

Year Name Department
2017-2018 Stephen Tredwell Orthopaedics
2016-2017 Richard Spencer  Civil Engineering and Registrar
2015-2016 Paul Marantz Political Science
2014-2015 Richard Tees Psychology
2013-2014 Carolyn Gilbert Audiology and Speech Sciences
2012-2013 Olav Slaymaker Geography
2011-2012 Judith Hall Paedeatrics
2010-2011 Mark Thompson Commerce
2009-2010 Ken Craig Psychology
2008-2009 Michael Quick Civil Engineering
2007-2008 Thelma Cook Education
2006-2007 Chuck Slonecker* Anatomy
2004-2006 John Stager* Geography
2003-2004 Anne Piternick Librarianship
2002-2003 Bill Webber* Anatomy
2001-2002 Phil Hill* Mechanical Engineering
1999-2001 Beryl March Agriculture
1997-1999 Don Russell Geophysics
1995-1997 Oscar Sziklai Forestry
1993-1995 Bernard Riedel* Pharmacy
1991-1993 Jorgen Dahlie* Education
1989-1991 Lewis Robinson* Geography
1987-1989 Joseph Katz* Education

* deceased