President’s Award for Distinguished Service by UBC Emeriti

One or more awards of $1,000 are offered annually by the UBC Association of Professors Emeriti to UBC Emeriti who have, since attaining UBC Emeritus status, displayed exceptional leadership or initiative in volunteer community service that benefits others in Canada or abroad. It is anticipated that the recipient(s) will direct the Award to an organization, charity, or fund of their choosing. 

Nominations for the Award may be made by any person directly to the Provost’s Office through the online nominations form available online. Nominations for the Award will be adjudicated by the Vice Provost's Office, UBC. 

The deadline for nominations is Thursday, February 15, 2018. You can find the nominations form and more information by clicking on the link.

If you have any questions or remarks, please contact the UBC Emeriti office by email (admin@emeriti.ubc.ca) or phone (604-822-1752).

Congratulations to Michael Church, Professor Emeritus of Geography. He was appointed to the Order of Canada

On December 29, 2017, Michael Church was appointed as Officer of the Order of Canada for his outstanding contributions as a renowned fluvial geomorphologist who has heightened our understanding of rivers and river processes.
Please click on the link to go to the official page of the Governor General of Canada.
Congratulations to our members who received the Order of BC
Of the 16 recipients, 5 members of the UBC Association of Professors Emeriti received the Order of BC.
Congratulations to:
*Elaine Carty, Professor Emerita of Nursing
*Jiri Frohlich, Professor Emeritus of Pathology
*Stanley Hamilton, Professor Emeritus of Commerce and Business Administration
*Rosamund Harrison, Professor Emerita of Oral Health Science
*Jennifer Wade, elected member of the Association
Newsletter October 2017
The second newsletter of the academic year 2017-2018 is available. Please click on the link and enjoy the read.




President's Report - September 2017-2018 by Steve Tredwell

It is September again. Welcome to the 2016/17 academic year. It may seem a bit odd that, as emeriti, we continue to mirror the patterns of campus life, but upon reflection, that is where we come from. The campus experience has molded our identity and, to varying degrees it remains a part of us.
A goal of the UBC Association of Professors Emeriti is to place "emeritus status" on a continuum of involvement with the University, in contrast to the classic retirement model, which is usually some form of severance or withdrawal. We plan to do this in the context of the “whole person,” that is .... click on link to read more.